George and Jean's trip to Emiglia Romagna and Marche

November 2002

We had hoped one day to cycle to Urbino. Then, at Cycle 2002, George found a cycle map giving Cycle Tourist Itineraries in the Province of Rimini. One of these routes went via Urbino. We decided to go for a week, taking our Moultons with us.


We flew to Bologna and then took a train to Rimini. We were in two separate provinces: Emiglia Romagna (around Rimini) and Marche (which includes Urbino). We spent three days cycling and the rest of the time sightseeing in Urbino, Ravenna, Rimini and Bologna. Here are some pictures and descriptions of our experiences. We had hoped to cycle from Urbino to the republic of San Marino which is in the hills south west of Rimini - but unfortunately we lost a day while Jean was recovering from a meal of strozzapretti in Urbino.

 The experience of cycling in the Rimini area






 The weather

About the bikes and transporting them

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George and Jean, November 02