George and Jean's visit to China December 2001

The idea of this visit to China arose on October 22 when we received the following email message from Prof. Chen Baojue (who was our host during our 1985 visit ­ you can read our report of that trip here):

"An American professor was invited to give the 'Distributed Systems' course for graduate students of our department this semester. But he has to quit right now. Since he uses your book as the textbook for this course, the chairman of our department, Prof. Li Xiaoming asked me to send you a message to see if there is any possibility for you to come to China to give the course in similar way to the one you gave in Peking University, in 1985."


Peking University (Beida)

 Teaching at Beida

The Forbidden City

The Summer Palace

Around Beijing

Xi'an and the terracotta army


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