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For info and photos about George and Jean's bike tours see George and Jean's Personal Page.

There is another page with photos and a few resources relating to Moulton bicycles.

1966 Holdsworth Italia lightweight tourer

A classic Holdsworth Italia 1966 lightweight tourer with 25" frame hand-built by Reg Collard. This was my main bike between about 1972 and 1990, not used much since I got into Moultons, but coming back into favour for Audax rides. Here is a gallery of 15 pictures showing frame details – it's beautifully made. I bought it secondhand in 1972. The frame number is: 65140K. In 2005 I finally discovered the year, model and framebuilders name with a lot of help from Norman Kilgariff, whose Holdsworth history site is an amazing labour of love and a tribute to the workers who created such beautiful bikes. This image of a 1974 Holdsworth catalogue page on Norman's site tends to support his identification of the bike as an Italia.

It weights 26 lbs. Restored with a repaint in original colours and a replacement classic Campag Strada chainset identical to the one that was originally fitted to the bike. The wheelbase is 41". I think the frame angles are 73 degrees. It was originally a 5-speed bike with a single brazed-on lever on the downtube. There is a very neat bridge brazed between the seat stays to hold the stop for the centre-pull (Universal) brake. There was originally an 'Italia' transfer on the seat tube and the initials 'WFH' hand-painted on the seat stay wrap-around.

Moulton New Series (NS)

Details and photos of the bike and some mods I've made.

A few details on this page about our Moultons.

Moulton APB

A few details on this page about our Moultons.

Moulton APB-based tandem

In June 2005 we took delivery of a custom-built Moulton APB-based tandem. We believe it to be the first separable-frame Moulton-based tandem constructed in the UK as well as the first to be based on an APB. More photographs and details of it and the project that led to it can be found here.

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