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George's Stainless Moulton New Series (NS), a 2000 model that I bought in November 2005. The ride is similar to, but certainly smoother than the AM GT that I had before and maybe a little easier to pedal.
It has been very reliable and a joy to own and ride. It's less fatiguing on long rides than anything else I know. I hope to do some serious touring on it before long.
Blogs about some tours I've done on it.
George's AM GT (now replaced by the NS) and Jean's AM 7 and on tour near Rimini in Italy.

George's APB: an early APB3 frame (~1993) originally upgraded by Steve Parry and rebuilt and repainted in wine red by George in December 2012 with rear Shimano Nexus 8 hub gear/coaster brake and front Sturmey-Archer X-FDD dynamo/roller brake hub. My ideal town bike.
More details here.

Our APB-based tandem: In June 2005 we took delivery of a custom-built Moulton APB-based tandem. We believe it to be the first separable-frame Moulton-based tandem constructed in the UK as well as the first to be based on an APB. More photographs and details of it and the project that led to it can be found here.

Some Moulton-related resources:

2011: Table of OLN dimensions for various Moultons

2006: A hydration bag fitted in the frame space of a Moulton

2006: A Cateye wireless computer mount for any spaceframe Moulton
2005: George's NS front bag solution.
2003: A description and CAD drawings of the front barbag mounting bracket designed by Ian Gosling

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