Ian Gosling's Moulton Barbag Holder

At the Moulton 2002 BoA event, Ian Gosling's mounting bracket for handlebar bags and water bottle holders was the subject of considerable interest. It is much the neatest solution seen to date for mounting a barbag using the two front carrier mounts on a Moulton. It holds a Klickfix bag holder and two water bottle holders very securely in a sensible and convenient position.

This web page provides access to Ian's original drawing and notes and to a full-scale drawing that I have made for use as a pattern for fabricating the bracket.

Ian uses his bracket on a fairly recent APB. He designed and constructed it using 1.5 mm stainless steel sheet. Ian has been kind enough to send me a drawing and a set of notes on the construction of his bracket. I have re-drawn it as a 1-to-1 full-scale drawing using a package called Canvas and converted the result into several well-known file formats.

I have obtained measurements for other spaceframe Moultons and concluded that the design is probably suitable for all AM and Pashley Moultons, but note that some AMs have a slightly different spacing for the two front carrier mountings (see my table below).

I have not yet constructed any brackets, but I have measured up the front rack mounts on the Moultons in our household to obtain the following measurements:

Bike Distance between rack mountings
 Pashley Moulton APB  189 mm
 Moulton AM GT  188 mm
 Moulton AM 7  182 mm

Consultation with BoA yielded some additional, very similar measurements:

 Pashley Moultons  189 mm
Stainless steel AMs (AM GT and Speed S) 188 mm
 Reynolds 531 AMs (AM7, AM14, Jubilees)  183 mm
 Moulton AM 18  183 mm

Ian's original drawing is not to scale and does not specify this distance explicitly, but his design is for the APB frame. My scale drawing matches his but I have added an extra pair of holes to suit the spacing of AM 7/Jubilee frames). Do measure this distance on your bike before making a bracket.

My scale drawing can be downloaded below in a wide range of file formats:


Scale drawing (gif, reduced size, 16 KB), for viewing

Full-scale drawing (gif, 112 KB)

Full-scale drawing (IGES CAD file, 36 KB)

Full-scale drawing (DXF CAD file, 16 KB)

Full-scale drawing (Macintosh Canvas 3.5 file, 204 KB)

Ian's original drawinga are here:

Ian's drawing (gif, 60 KB), for viewing

Ian's drawing (gif, 140 KB), for printing

Ian's construction notes are here.

In principle, the full-scale drawing should be usable as a cutting pattern for making the bracket from a piece of sheet metal. But if you download and print them for that purpose, make sure that the dimensions are preserved by the hardware and software you use for printing. I had to apply a small scale factor (104%) when printing the full-scale drawing on my laser printer. The full-scale drawing (and the workpiece it describes) is a little bigger than an A4 sheet of paper - I printed it in two halves and stuck them together to make a pattern.

Ian's drawing shows how to bend the sheet to shape once it is cut, and how to cut the handlebar mountings off a Rixen and Kaul Klickfix bag holder in order to attach it to the bracket. The bending angles may be somewhat different for non-Pashley models.

Note that I have not yet (as of January 2003) made a bracket from any of these drawings! I have held a cutout of a full-scale printed paper pattern up to the bikes and it looks like a good fit.

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