Mary Louise Coulouris, artist, was born 17 July 1939 and died 20 December 2011.

This site is maintained by her family as an archive of her work, based on the site that she originally developed. Additional material from our archives will be added.

Mary Louise was a printmaker, a Fellow of the Royal Society of Printmakers, painter, and public artist. Imagination, creativity, and design sense are central to her work. This allowed her to branch into many areas.


Some of Mary's work is conceptual in the true sense as in "Mozambique", where she extends the real event of people living in trees during the floods to make a comment on the basic human need to survive. Her motivation has consistently been social, with a recent developing passion for landscape. Her continuing figurative work has now turned to the field of sport, aerobics where she finds room for the expression of her quirky individual view of this human endeavour. She was born in New York, trained at the Slade School, London, and now lives in Scotland.

Optima. Athina Skina on Mary Louise Coulouris’s Work

“Mary Louise Coulouris focuses through her painting on the genesis of nature or at least on what constitutes its beginnings. The painter depicts genesis as a symbolic contradistinction in connection with an awakening human awareness or sensibility. Her fluid brushstroke, through the diffusion of colour, energises space and conveys its rhythmic tensions from the depth of the optical field towards the surface. A primal lyricism meets with abstraction, casting away any sense of intellectuality, while light, with perception, floods the tonality of the colours, infusing them with qualitative and stylistic mien.”

Athina Skina Art Historian . From the catalogue of the Optima exhibition, Athens, November 2009

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Recent commissions:

  • Circular mosaic seat for Skyros Holidays, Greece

  • Three large artist designed rugs for the new Scottish Poetry Library.

  • Two wine labels for Sainsburys (double first prize in open competition)

  • Healthcare Arts commission for limited edition prints

  • Main play area for Glasgow Garden Festival

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A belief that design can be the core, spreading into many areas is central.