Tandem Trip to Normandy April 15th - 20th 2006

We used the Thameslink service from Blackfriars Station in London to Brighton and then rode the tandem between Brighton and Newhaven where we spent the night before the trip. We took the Newhaven-Dieppe Ferry across the channel, spending the rest of the first day cycling westwards along the coast of Normandy as far as Auberville la Manuel near Veulettes, and spent the second day riding into Rouen. The third day was spent sight-seeing in Rouen and the fourth riding back to Dieppe, from whence we returned home on the fifth day. The total distance cycled was just under 300 km.

The illustrated diary of our trip is available in the sections below:

April 15th and 16th. London - Newhaven - Dieppe - Auberville la Manuel

Barn at the first night's stay
Auberville la Manuel

April 17th. Aubertville le Manuel - Rouen

Broad fields - brown and green
on Normandy plain

April 18th. Sightseeing in Rouen

Rouen cathedral

April 19th and 20th. Rouen - Dieppe- London

chalk cliffs at Dieppe