George Coulouris’ Moulton NS front bag

The bag is a Rixen and Kaul 'Alllrounder Mini' (size w/d/h 15x12x18cm) which I bought for 53.90 Euros including delivery from . (Email them first, they speak English and were very helpful about payment using Paypal).

The bracket holding the Klickfix mount is a simple aluminium one originally used to hold a different barbag on the front of an AM. I had to modify (bend) it only slightly to install it like this on the NS. It does the job, but I will probably relace it with a purpose-designed bracket which would hold the bag about 2 cms lower and slightly more inclined. I find the bag doesn't obstruct my legs for pedalling or for mounting the bike. A wider bag would probably be ok, as long as it was no thicker.

IMG_0867.JPG IMG_0806.JPG
IMG_0864.JPG IMG_0866.JPG

George Coulouris 25-11-05